Webinar: USF Reform Part II, December 18, 2018

More Money, But Also More Obligations

Rate-of-return carriers will once again be asked by the FCC to make some tough decisions about their future Universal Service funding. As you know, the FCC plans to adopt additional USF reforms during its open meeting on Thursday, Dec. 12. The new rules will present several options for companies to consider. Current A-CAM companies will decide whether to accept additional funding with increased buildout obligations. And Legacy companies will have an opportunity to accept a second offer of A-CAM support. Our November 26 e-Lert gave an overview of a draft of the Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration (R&O) and a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) the Commission will be voting on next week.

To assist clients in making these important decisions, as well as covering the other major changes to FCC rules this order brings, JSI will hold a free webinar on Tuesday, December 18 at 2 p.m. Eastern (1 p.m. Central). Some of the items that will be covered in this webinar include:

  • Increased funding for A-CAM carriers in exchange for an increase in the number of locations to which the carrier must deploy 25/3 Mbps;
  • An option for Legacy carriers to transition to A-CAM II support;
  • Additional funding for Legacy carriers to address the budget control mechanism and changes to the mechanism on a going-forward basis;
  • New buildout requirements for Legacy carriers;
  • Revisions to the 100% overlap process and elimination of the competitive challenge process; and
  • Changes to Legacy requirements, including elimination of Capital Investment Allowance and reduction in the $250 monthly per-line limit on universal service support.

This webinar is free for JSI clients. Please register online and we’ll send login instructions shortly before the session on the 18th. (If you can’t make it on the 18th, we do record our webinars and you can view the recording after the event. Please register for the webinar so that you receive the slides and the link to the recording.)

If you have any questions about the webinar itself or registering, please contact Brenda Cordwell at 301-459-7590. If you have questions about the FCC’s USF rules and how these might affect your company, please contact Steve Meltzer or John Kuykendall at 301-459-7590 or Douglas Meredith at 801-910-6288.

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