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Money Matters

Independent telecom providers are facing more pressure than ever to boost the bottom line, limit expenses and find new revenue sources. JSI is the pioneer in establishing an equitable settlements system and offers unparalleled financial expertise to assist clients in every aspect of their business.


Financial results of any business operation, even on a multi-year basis, should not be a surprise. With proper planning and a reasonable degree of certainty, long-range financial forecasts can capture your organizational goals, expectations and plans in one place. Forecasts also create a forward-looking culture that emphasizes a systematic and rational approach to understanding how today’s decisions and actions impact your company in the long-term.

Creating multi-year Income, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements through detailed financial projections allow your company to drive financial and operational results in the short and long-term, and illustrates:

  • Cash Flow and Operating Margin Projections and Analytics
  • Investor Return Analysis
  • Revenue and Income Projections
  • Profit Center Analysis
  • Capital Expenditure Budgets & Projections
  • Operating Expense Budgets & Projections
  • Multi-Divisional and Consolidated Statements
  • Detailed Inputs and Drivers Tabs
  • Debt Service Analysis
  • Common Size Analysis
  • Performance Indicators to Defined Measures, such as RGUs, Employees, etc.
  • Sensitivity Analysis to Modified Inputs and Goal Seeking
Our sophisticated modeling tools allow JSI or you to build out these critical forecasts so you can take control of your company’s financial future.

Contact Steve MeltzerBrian Sullivan or Valerie Wimer at 301-459-7590 for more information about JSI’s financial forecasting services.

JSI’s CPAs have a broad range of operating experience, specialized industry knowledge and expertise. Whether on a temporary or long-term outsourcing basis, our staff will provide you with the highest quality finance and accounting services.

  • Financial Reporting
  • Rate Case Analysis & Representation
  • FCC/USAC Audit Support
  • Affiliate Transactions
  • Review of Accounting Process and Procedures
  • Part 32 Account Assignments and Classifications
  • Affiliate and Nonregulated Service Offerings
  • Accounting Seminars
  • Accounting Manual

Contact Steve Meltzer or Brian Sullivan at 301-459-7590 for more information about JSI’s accounting services.

JSI was one of the first firms to develop and support accounting systems for rural communications companies following the FCC’s Uniform Chart of Accounts. We work with the major billing and accounting software vendors and their clients to ensure proper compliance with existing rules and regulations and with the implementation of such systems in telephone company operations.  Our services include:

  • Establishment of Proper Account Structures
  • Development of Company-specific Schedules and Reports
  • Financial Analysis Tools
  • Review of and/or the Establishment of Accounting Practices and Procedures
  • System Audits

Contact Brian Sullivan at 301-459-7590 for more information on the these services.

JSI performs a variety of economic cost studies that help your company meet targeted regulatory and business pricing needs.

  • Incremental Cost Studies
  • Embedded/Fully Distributed Cost (FDC) Studies
  • Avoidable Cost Studies
  • FCC Proposed Cost Model Analyses

Please contact Douglas Meredith at 801-294-4576 for more information on economic studies.

All telecom providers – ILECs, CLECs, cable TV, wireless, and VoIP providers – strive to provide services at a value that beats the competition while still generating a profit. This can be difficult when local service benchmarks are increasing along with NECA charges. JSI can help determine your competitor’s true price beyond the promotional rates, plus analyze your company’s costs to best structure the services offered to customers. JSI can perform:
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Service Cost Analysis
  • End-User Call Analysis
  • Toll, Local and EAS Studies
  • Pricing and Multi-Year Pricing Recommendations
  • Recommendations on Service Descriptions and Bundles

To learn more about our service pricing and bundling methodologies, contact Valerie Wimer at 301-459-7590.

Our experienced team of financial professionals offers a number of financial services to assess and provide insights on how to improve your business.

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Profit Center Analysis
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Loan Procurement Management
  • Capital Recovery
  • Peer Analysis
  • Capital Credit Management
  • Earnings Monitoring Reports
  • FCC, State PSC, RUS Form Preparation

For more information about JSI’s financial services, please contact Brian Sullivan or Bhavini Sokhey at 301-459-7590.

JSI’s service is designed to assist you in lowering your company’s risk associated with bad debt, allowing you to make informed decisions and giving you more control over your uncollectible revenue accounts and contractual obligations on a go-forward basis. Implementing the best practices and policies in this bundle will build a foundation for financial stability and ready your company to expand into new markets and new services.

The Mitigating Bad Debt bundle kicks off with a series of four interactive webinars, held one per week. During these webinars, you’ll learn about solutions your company should consider and ways to easily implement strong policies and procedures.

Week One: Overview, Customer Financial Lifecycle, Customer Service Agreements, Online Revisions to Terms & Conditions, Point of Sale Accountability

Week Two: Credit Check & Deposit Scenarios, Commercial Treatment & Major Account Procedures

Week Three: Treatment & Collection Guidelines, FCC/State Rules & Regulation Matrix

Week Four: Company Deployed CPE Return & Recovery Policies, Mitigate Bad Debt Quick Reference Guide – Critical Milestone Tasks, Project Summary

You’ll also receive JSI’s Mitigating Bad Debt Best Practices Playbook, which outlines the customer’s financial lifecycle and provides templates of policies and guidelines you can adapt for your company’s needs:

  • Credit Check, Deposit Process, Treatment & Collection Guidelines
  • New Customer Service Agreement Template
  • Online Terms & Conditions (addresses credit checks, deposits, and early termination penalties)
  • Equipment return and recovery policies

The Best Practices Playbook also contains an FCC/State Rules & Regulations Matrix and a Quick Reference Guide, which provides critical milestone tasks for implementing these new policies/guidelines.

Once you’ve had a chance to implement some or all of the best practices at your company, you’ll be invited to a personal one-on-one interactive conference call to discuss your implementation, how well the new policies and procedures are working, and answer any lingering questions you may have.

If you’re interested in the Mitigating Bad Debt bundle, contact Steve Meltzer at 301-459-7590.

JSI works with clients to document their business arrangements in a manner that is enforceable and compliant with FCC regulations as they add deregulated services, partner with new companies, and assert their interconnection rights. JSI can develop and negotiate agreements and also help enforce the terms of those agreements throughout its duration. We have the experience and expertise to help you negotiate:

  • Interconnection Agreements (including those between ILECs and wireless providers)
  • Inter-Company Agreements
  • Ethernet Agreements
  • End-User Agreements
  • Pole & Conduit Agreements
  • Programming Agreements
  • Fiber & Facilities Leases
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Wholesale Network Agreements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Affiliate Transaction Agreements
  • FCC Arbitration Proceedings
  • Other Agreements

For additional information on agreements, negotiations or arbitration, please contact Valerie Wimer or John Kuykendall at 301-459-7590, or Lans Chase at 770-569-2105.

JSI can assist you in whatever capacity is needed if you are selected for a compliance audit. JSI also can review your company’s processes so that you’ll be prepared in the event of a USAC High Cost Program audit. We will discuss which items are reviewed in a typical audit and give you a thorough understanding of the following:

  • Attestation Audit and Attestation Standards
  • Typical Documents Requests
  • Internal Control Expectations
  • Affiliate Transaction Rules
  • Continuing Property Records
  • Cost Allocation Requirements
  • Government Auditing Standards and AICPA Compliance
  • Record Retention Rules
  • Compliance with FCC Code of Federal Regulations Title 47 
  • Management Assertion Letter Requirements
  • Field Visits
  • Proprietary Information
  • Examples of Audit Findings

For more information, contact Steve Meltzer or Brian Sullivan at 301-459-7590.

JSI offers comprehensive assistance for all local and access tariff needs. In addition to JSI’s Access Tariff, which is the industry’s second largest access tariff in terms of issuing carriers, we offer support in preparing and filing required regulatory applications and operating tariffs. JSI can also help you with your state PUC filings.

Whether you have company-specific tariff filings or participate in the JSI access tariff, our Online Tariff Service keeps your tariffs organized and easily accessible on “MyJSI,” a secure, password-protected site strictly for JSI clients.

  • Interstate and Intrastate Access
  • Local Tariffs
  • Billing and Collection Contracts 
  • Advanced IP and Broadband Services
  • CLEC Tariffs (Local, Toll, Access)
  • State Private Line Tariffs
  • Tariff Revisions for Bundling or Additional Services
  • DSL Detariffing
  • (Five-Year) Number Portability End-User Tariff Charge 
  • Interstate and Intrastate Toll
  • International Toll (Rates, Terms and Conditions)

If you would like additional information on tariff development or revision, or on the Online Tariff Service, please contact John Kuykendall at 301-459-7590.

Even as the industry changes, jurisdictional cost separations remain an essential part of the telco environment. JSI’s financial experts work within the FCC’s accounting rules to prepare cost studies, cost allocation manuals, economic cost studies (including TSLRIC, TELRIC, LRIC, and FLEC), and other financial studies to maximize clients’ revenue and universal service funds.

We also offer expert assistance in access tariff rate development and filing, on both the interstate and intrastate level. Additionally, JSI can complete annual and quarterly USF filings with NECA, as well as NECA pooling administration. We have a long history managing and overseeing average schedule settlements, including line-haul settlement review, verification of accurate data inputs, and cost versus average schedule analysis. JSI can assist with:

  • Jurisdictional Cost Studies
  • Competitive Cost Studies
  • Economic Cost Studies
  • UNE Prices
  • Cost Versus Average Schedule Feasibility Studies
  • Pro Forma Studies
  • Cost Allocation Manuals
  • Access Tariff Rate Development & Filing
  • Average Schedule Settlements
  • Lead Lag Studies

For more information, contact Steve Meltzer or Brian Sullivan at 301-459-7590.

Maintaining accurate and complete continuing property records (CPRs) provides valuable information for all aspects of your operation — toll cost studies, business plans, regulatory requirements, disaster recovery efforts, and audit report monitoring. JSI’s CPR service creates a comprehensive record of all property units for your company’s central office, CATV, and support assets, including location, quantities, related costs, and equipment classification based on use.

Maintaining an up-to-date CPR allows you to:

  • Reduce inventory tracking time and costs;
  • Assist engineers;
  • Respond to audit inquiries and other information requests quickly;
  • Accurately price retirements;
  • Ensure accurate recovery for disaster response planning;
  • Provide detailed insurance documentation for recouping plant investment;
  • Price inventory based on actual costs;
  • Produce reports for management review; and
  • Analyze investment by contract, year, work order, separations category, tax district and account.

For additional information about CPRs, please contact Denise Whittington at 301-459-7590,


  • JSI is a proactive partner, closely attuned to the financial, technological, business and policy developments unfolding across the industry.
  • Our team regularly meets with the FCC and PUC staff on regulatory initiatives and provides expert testimony in federal and state proceedings.
  • JSI plays a prominent role in industry and association forums and champions the interests of community based independent providers as policy is debated and formed.
  • Our staff is knowledgeable, accessible and consistently receives positive feedback.
  • We give back to the industry and local communities through various charitable activities.

What Clients Say

For good reason – Our company has been a JSI client for many years and we use a number of their services. The staff that completes our cost study has been great and it doesn’t stop there. On several occasions while at our location working on the study, Brian Sullivan and Mikki Minnie Milton have taken the time to provide industry updates to our Board of Directors in a special meeting.
James P. Brogan III (Jay), President & CEO
Hiawatha Communications Incorporated


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